About RawLabs

RawLabs is a Budapest- based production company which handles complete productions, animation, commercial photography, motion picture , advertising design, branding, website planning and developing, PR film, marketing consultancy and all-around marketing strategy planning.

RawLabs is a generation Y, developing agency which applies professional standards but is not afraid to touch new solutions as well. Our company follows Western trends but spurns the old, outdated methods. The most important part of all our works performed, to be effective, fast and make an outstanding quality product.

The agency puts a great emphasis on the opinion and vision of it’s clients and gives solutions by integrating the incoming claims to the professional knowledge.

The size of our crew is dynamic, the company can line up it’s members according to the volume of the current project from 2 to 30 associates. The result of the optimalized size of team is the highest quality of upshots.

6 reasons why choose RawLabs

It is very important that the client be aware of what he spend the money for.

In any case the agency offers optimized solutions for the needs of the client, both financially and in time.

Communication with more languages helps the process and planning of the work.

All company members can work independently and in a team work, therefore we can solve part and complex tasking as well.

RawLabs helps with well thought out and planned ordering to the clients to realize significant cost savings.

RawLabs employs professionals from all areas of creatives:

  • Photographer
  • Cinema industry
  • VFX
  • Graphic Design
  • Marketing executive
  • Communication staff

So any problem faced, the agency is able to configure the best solution easily and fast.

The creative staff extends the conventional limits of production, analyze the task on a wide spectrum, thereby the methods and results are more special.

The main idea of ​​the customer is the most important for the company. The agency aims to integrate management of customer’s thoughts, needs and through the final product, as a result of a joint working, the client’s vision is being forwarded to the target audience.

All skilled professionals of the company commits westernized approach, where first is the problem to be solved, which is not a problem actually but rather a challenge to be resolved to all. We prioritise the client requirements, shape and supplemented them, therefore we reach the best solution: cutomer and contractor are both happy.

Our agency find a solution for any need or problem in a short term and in a cost-effective way, whether it is extreme or seemingly insolvable.

This youthful team has experimental spirit and always open to the innovations, which fundamentally differ from the usual solution, whether we talk about website, photo or promotional film. We always strive to see behind the task, watch it from above to examine and to find the alternative, innovative solution that makes the client really satisfied.

Before designing solutions, we are always carrying out extensive research according to the claim, assessing similar methods of rivals, examine trends and trends related to the task. After assessing the collected datas and informations the agency makes an offer to the client as the implementation of the most appropriate, the most creative and conservative solution if demanded – considering the client’s target audience and business circles.